Pellet Stove Cleanings

All pellet stoves, free standing or fireplace inserts, require an annual safety cleaning, after burning at least 2 tons of premium pellet fuel. The worst enemy of any pellet stove is the byproduct of pellet burning, the fly ash. The fly ash content will vary, based on, species of wood in the pellets and manufacturing process. The fly ash enters all internal passages of the combustion chamber and if not addressed on a regular basis, can lead to inefficient burn, and at times, cause creosote and in severe conditions, cause chimney fires. By cleaning your pellet stove in regular intervals, your stove will achieve maximum burn efficiency. The results will be that your glass will stay cleaner longer, and your stove will produce more heat with less fuel and burn greener for environment. Get peace of mind and let the professional technician specialists of Fireside Designs which have over 50 years combined experience in the pellet stove industry, conduct a thorough safety cleaning of your pellet appliance. We service the most popular brands, and we address all internal compartments, combustion chambers, convection chambers and exhaust systems. We also oil motors when required, and make recommendations when necessary. Fireside Designs is fully insured, Fireplace Institute Certified and guaranties all of our work. Off-season safety cleanings are normally performed during the months of May, June, and July. Call for pricing. In season pellet stove safety cleanings (cleanings requested after August 1) may be subject to extended service lead times. In season pellet stove cleanings are $199.